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Washington Times praises “gracious days” of Senator’s Wife Remembers

Friday, January 14th, 2011 by Brian Seidman

A Senator's Wife RemembersA review by James E. Person in The Washington Times extolls the “good people” who are the subject of A Senator’s Wife Remembers: From the Great Depression to the Great Society by Henrietta Hill. The memoir by the wife of the late Alabama senator Lister Hill, who served in Congress from 1938 until 1969, was discovered and edited by the Hills’ daughter Henrietta Hubbard. Comprised of a diary and a stash of letters, the book recounts episodes and events from an era in which the rounds of Washington, D.C. political life were marked by a genteel atmosphere.

“…this is largely a memoir of a more civil time than our own. Many of the episodes and anecdotes Mrs. Hill records concern social get-togethers in Washington and who was wearing what, with passing references to the events of the day. Distinguished personages cross the stage of the author’s memory, sometimes in passing glances, sometimes in telling detail.

F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gen. John J. Pershing and numerous others put in brief appearances and then vanish. Long stretches of Mrs. Hill’s narrative have a dashed-off, letter-to-my-mother feel about them. (In fact, many of the sections of this work were originally letters from Mrs. Hill to her mother.) They are newsy but somewhat dry to the eyes of us outsiders.

However, there are several instances in this work in which the author records short, often funny stories of things that happened during the course of a given day that provide a window into an era when everything seemed possible, even when the nation’s social and economic circumstances were uncertain. These passages add much to the value of A Senator’s Wife Remembers as a snapshot in time as well as a view into the lives of good people.”

Person points out that the book details the “long cultural transition” that took place between the landmark events of the title: the Great Depression and the Great Society.

The vast cultural changes that occurred during the mid-twentieth century form the background to the society events and minutiae of daily life expounded upon by Mrs. Hill in her diaries and letters. As the Times appreciates, the details serve to inform knowledge of the whole.

A Senator’s Wife Remembers: From the Great Depression to the Great Society is available from NewSouth Books,, or your favorite retail or online bookseller.

Senator Lister Hill subject of memoir published 50 years later

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 by Lisa Harrison

Recent articles in The Gadsden Times and The Montgomery Advertiser praised the new memoir A Senator’s Wife Remembers: From the Great Depression to the Great Society, noting its importance for Alabama political history. The book has an unusual gestation, being a memoir composed of a manuscripts and letters written by the wife of the late Senator Lister Hill and compiled and edited by her daughter, who discovered the materials in a box in the attic of the Hills’ Eufaula home.

Dana Beyerle, in The Gadsden Times, points out that “Lister Hill was a significant force in national and Alabama politics during the Roaring Twenties, Depression World War II and the post-war era.” Hill co-sponsored the Hill-Burton Act, or correctly the Hospital Center Construction Act of 1946, that provided grants to improve public health. He sponsored the TVA Act and the National Defense Education Act, or the G.I. Bill, among other legislation. He served as Senate Majority Whip from 1941-47.

About the journey to publication, daughter Henrietta Hubbard says, “I started last fall going over making corrections, ensuring things were right,” she said. “I did [it] in loving memory. My grandmother was named Henrietta, my mother was named Henrietta and I was named Henrietta. It took three Henriettas to put this together.”

The Montgomery Advertiser covered a celebratory party given by Henrietta Hubbard’s son Lister at his Garden District home in honor of his mother’s work seeing the publication of the book to its fruition. According to the Advertiser, more than 40 guests enjoyed the event and booksigning.

John Andrews, a nephew of Henrietta Hubbard, will speak about the book and his family’s connection to Eufuala, Henrietta Hill’s hometown, at the Eufaula Carnegie Library on November 9 at 6:30 pm.

A Senator’s Wife Remembers provides valuable information about the family life of a man whose political legacy is assured. The memoir provides insight into his many achievements.

A Senator’s Wife Remembers is available from NewSouth Books,, or your favorite retail or online book seller.