Brian Seidman, Managing Editor

Brian Seidman, Managing Editor, NewSouth Books

Brian Seidman was born in Marietta, Georgia. He received his BA in Journalism from New York University and his MA in Creative Writing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He is a recipient of the NYU Journalism Department Editor and Publisher Award, and a former editor of Oxford Magazine. Brian has been at times a newspaper reporter, a bookseller, and an English teacher, and worked with the Virginia Barber Literary Agency and Sesame Street Workshop, among others. His short story “So a Horse Walks into a Bar” appears in the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Vol. 10 fiction anthology from Simon & Schuster.

As managing editor of NewSouth Books, Brian works on the editorial, design, and production of all the house’s titles; schedules and coordinates manufacturing; oversees shipping and fulfillment; facilitates acquisitions; and supervises the staff of the NewSouth Bookstore.