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Victor Luckerson is a journalist and writer who has been probing untold stories in U.S. history since his freshman year of college, when he wrote about the white mob that attacked the first black student at the University of Alabama in 1956. Since then he’s traveled to Richmond, Virginia to explain the history of the Robert E. Lee Monument and the Lost Cause, visited the high schools of Selma, Alabama to chronicle the role teenagers played in the Civil Rights Movement, and sat with descendants of racial violence in Rosewood, Florida, who are among the only black people in U.S. history to receive reparations. Now his work has brought him to Tulsa, to research beyond the mythology of “Black Wall Street” to the people who thrived and struggled in the neighborhood of Greenwood.

Run It Back Is an ongoing chronicle of Greenwood’s fascinating history, from its Native American origins to its president-day challenges grappling with the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre. Run It Back is free and carefully researched, citing primary documents and offering vivid snapshots of a world gone by. You’ll learn about neglected black history and the challenges in attempting to uncover that history in the modern day. Read excerpts below and subscribe now.

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