Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008 by

The daily newspaper BostonNOW! has just reviewed Keith Donnelly’s new mystery novel Three Deuces Down. Reviewer Edward Clarkin says there are “big surprises” in what he calls a “good detective thriller.” From the review:

Put together a successful Wall Street dropout itching for excitement and a scion of a local family who is having a hard time with the possible demise of his daughter and mysterious son-in-law, and you’ve got the makings a good detective thriller.

In his first novel, Three Deuces Down, Keith Donnelly introduces Donald Youngblood and his pals—both current and those I-haven’t talked to-in-a-while-but-I-need-a-favor—and leads us down a path centered in his East Tennessee roots. Scattered through past loves, current flames and a few social possibilities—along with a mob boss looking for revenge—and this amateur detective has his hands full.

Read the entire review at the BostonNOW! website.

Three Deuces Down is available directly from NewSouth Books,, or your favorite local or online book retailer.