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Praise for Better Than Them

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This book presents a true story that is long overdue. It is a meaningful contribution to improving race relations in our country.
This book reminds us that there is one side of the civil rights movement that has been told too sparingly, namely, the conversion of many of the South's whites from racism to decency. Mac Otts tells that story of moral transformation with passion and insight, and he lifts a veil on how segregation warped whites at the same time it was brutalizing blacks.
Mr. Otts has gifted us with a seminal book that explores the facets of his racism in post-World War II Greensboro, Alabama and then his experience in overcoming early racist tendencies with all the related endemic stereotypical clichés. How I’d like to be on the nominating board for the MacArthur Fellowships – people like 'Mac' Otts, a deserving game changer citizen, would always get my vote, for he will be our neo-future.
The book has provided an opportunity for us to examine our own memories as well as our own journeys through the 1950s and 1960s to the present.