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Martha Dickson’s Anchors of Faith provides a memorable overview of historic church architecture that recalls a time when bells summoned congregants to Sunday services in the Deep South. Her assemblage of 145 photographs of wooden churches from Alabama, Florida and Mississippi spans over 100 years, multiple religious denominations and a variety of architectural styles shaped by the vision of master craftsmen or itinerant carpenters. This book will be a valuable addition to the personal library of anyone who has an appreciation for religious architecture.
Martha Dickson combines her strong faith and love of history to produce a truly valuable and unique book. Anchors of Faith helps document 145 historic wooden churches found in the rural areas of Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. These historic structures represent the hard work, determination, sacrifices and strong devotion exhibited by our early settlers. Readers will enjoy and appreciate the photographs and information contained within Anchors of Faith. I certainly do.
From the unadorned vernacular through variations of Greek Revival and from the hauntingly beautiful Gothic Revival through the eclectic Queen Anne edifices, Dickson demonstrates how a religious people enshrine their faith in wood and glass.
Anchors of Faith captures the diverse architecture and history of beloved churches throughout the Southeast and reflects the importance of faith and community members’ love of God and fellowship with each other in generations past and present. This book helps to preserve a Southern way of life focused on faith and community for a future generation.