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Praise for Fugitive Days

About the Book
A wry contribution to the growing literature of writers’ encounters with writers.
Gerald Duff's entertaining, thoughtful, and beautifully written memory of his encounters with the Fugitive and Agrarian writers shows us that they were not a group but an association struggling to understand the South from widely different viewpoints. Duff's essay enlightens, instructs, and amuses us wonderfully.
[Duff's] essay [is] charming, and quietly wise. He doesn't get up on his high horse and brandish the predictable condemnations of Fugitive benightedness. He creates subtle portraits of complex individuals, including that complex individual, the author as pompous and eager Young Littérateur. And in many flicks of the pen he suggested the ideological worlds in which these men (they were men) wrote and moved. Or in some cases, didn't move.
The final effect of this essay is to emphasize Duff’s heartfelt reverence for a group of men who revolutionized the practice of both poetry and literary criticism. . .Fugitive Days is both a witty insight into the real lives of these monumental men and a charming reminder of the excitement anyone feels at the chance to bump up against his heroes.