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Praise for Carolina Planters on the Alabama Frontier

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This is one of the most remarkable compilations of family records I have ever seen. Supported by extensive and thoughtful annotations, it tells a real and touching story of the planter South from colonial times into the late 1800s.
Family history at its best -- well-researched, gracefully written, irreverent at times with light touches of humor -- but also very good social history. Never losing his objectivity, and informing his text with admirable scholarship, Mr. Pattillo has provided us another valuable window through which to understand Alabama’s past.
Too frequently, even today, slaves are an invisible presence in studies of antebellum America. Edward Pattillo's Carolina Planters on the Alabama Frontier is a welcomed exception. If you are researching slaves in South Carolina and in Alabama, this book is a must have!
Pattillo’s Carolina Planters is an impressive compilation of stories and documented data about adventurous ancestors. Drolly detailed description renders some of these forebears so believable they almost step off the page.
Carolina Planters on the Alabama Frontier is a magnificent book, nothing less than a history of the antebellum South in genealogical microcosm. The book is strengthened by [Edward] Pattillo's considerable skills as a historian and gifted prose style. [He] writes so well and so gracefully and weaves in his documentary selections -- letters, wills, diaries, photographs, property inventories -- so seamlessly that the book is a pure pleasure to anyone who loves the past.
Eddie Patillo has written a most readable book about these families.
This book offers readers, both laymen and historians alike, a clear, almost firsthand, look into the decisions that led those pioneer men and women to forge their way to the Alabama frontier and the ways in which those new residents began their lives and settled into the region. Carolina Planters on the Alabama Frontier also expertly sparks the reader to become interested in their own family history. Edward Pattillo is a skillful storyteller.