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Praise for Lost Auburn

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Though the past can’t be physically brought back, visual and written reminders such as those collected here can bring back sweet, sometimes sad, memories. Both are valuable to the psyche. I’m sure readers now and in the future will join me in thanks to the authors and publisher of Lost Auburn. I love this book!
A thought-provoking book that graphically illustrates how incremental change, over a period of many years, can significantly alter a community's sense of place.
Lost Auburn is a unique history of the town and university which describes in loving specificity the many people and places that make Auburn special. Sadly, the book also details the loss of the very characteristics that created Auburn’s original sense of place, and questions why we must “lose them to appreciate their worth.”
The authors' affectionate regard for their hometown is unmistakable in a book that manages to instruct while bringing people and places to life again. Lost Auburn also reminds us of how we shape our built environments and are in turn shaped by them.
A perfect blend of scholarship, humor, and insightful musings about the evolution and spirit of a place.
Auburn University's history comes alive in Lost Auburn.