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Praise for A Senator's Wife Remembers

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A snapshot in time as well as a view into the lives of good people.
Within her circumscribed world as a senator’s wife, Henrietta Hill writes honestly, it seems, of what she knew about and what she was able to see.
How different was Washington, DC in the 1930s? What was it like for an ordinary young woman from Eufaula who married into the whirlwind social life and critical days of public service in the Great Depression and the war that followed? The long-lost memoirs of one of the great US Senators from Alabama in the 20th century have some fascinating stories. [Mrs. Hill’s] memoirs make a window into Alabama and America in the early and middle part of the 20th century.
A Sentor’s Wife Remembers will be read with interest by students of gender studies, as well as by those of us who simply enjoy reading a well-written diary-based volume. . . . It is an honest and clearly-stated view of the world Henrietta Hubbard lived in. Anyone interested in Alabama and American political life or in the role women played in it in the early to mid-twentieth century should certainly read this enjoyable volume.