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Paul Gaston's powerful and concise story of Fairhope's origins enlightens us all about a fascinating moment in history, a time that continues to instruct us on human values like fairness and equality.
Historian Paul Gaston explains more clearly than any previous writer the context in which the Fairhope experiment began. Amid the conflicting claims of Socialist, Single-Taxer, communitarian, and Populist, a remarkable experiment was born. All interested in the history of that experiment, as well as the enduring artistic and intellectual iconoclasm that survives in Fairhope, will find this small volume invaluable.
Grandson of the founder of Fairhope,and himself born on Colony land and a graduate of the Colony's 'Organic School' of education, Paul Gaston has nevertheless avoided the obvious pitfalls of nostalgia. The story of the origins of Fairhope, Alabama, deftly recaptured by a distinguished historian of the South, enriches the American heritage.