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In Like a Tree, Author Calvin Kytle tells a compelling story of a family struggling to find itself in depression-time Atlanta. Like the family itself, the city and region is also seeking its own sociological identity. Kytle’s well-drawn characters are real and appealing. His easy style makes for entertaining reading. It’s a splendid , heart-warming look at a simpler time in the Deep South. In reading Like a Tree I felt I was reliving my own boyhood in Atlanta. A most enjoyable book.
At 87, Calvin Kytle has jumped from the nonfiction shelf to the fiction shelf and has landed as gracefully as a gymnist. His remarkable first novel tells the story, from small town to city, of Douglas Krueger, painfully trapped between his uncommon moral alertness and a segregationist, early 20th century Georgia that has no place for its exercise. With a sharp eye for detail, a brisk narrative and an understanding born of intimacy with the times and the region, Kytle has humanized history with a rich cast of compelling characters. Even the walk-ons come and go full-fleshed.
A sweeping, elegantly crafted story that explores Atlanta’s and the South’s complex racial and social past.