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Praise for Lessons from the Big House

About the Book
Lessons from the Big House is an affectionate yet thoroughly honest account of a family whose history is woven into the fabric of the South. Frye Gaillard is a superb storyteller. No other writer I know understands better the special joy and burden of being Southern, nor tells of it with such grace and eloquence.
A story everyone who whines about family values should be compelled to write—and one that those who truly cherish those values should exult in reading.
Just as his 100-year-old grandfather gave it to him long ago, Frye Gaillard now passes on to us a priceless gift: the universal story of an American family's odyssey through time and place. It is truly our story, for we have all been on this journey—but seldom have we been fortunate enough to have a scribe like Gaillard to tell us how and why it happened and what it all meant.
However private its intent, this all too brief footnote to Southern history is for all of us, for to read it is to fare the challenge of a personal retrospective through the forgotten thickets and byways of our history. The cobwebs brushed away in the process may leave us with clearer vision of who we are and why...
A lyric account ... Lessons from the Big House tells a story we must all learn and does so wonderfully well.