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Praise for Our Patriots

About the Book
Our Patriots is a fun way to learn about the American Revolution. Within this book’s pages, you’ll discover the iconic figures of American Independence such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and many others. You can color in Betsy Ross’s flag while reading about the history of its design. A coloring book becomes an important educational tool when it combines craft with such great information.
An activity book for kids of all ages. Our Patriots is a fun, colorful way to learn about many of the important figures in the American creation story.
I love this book! Our Patriots is not an ordinary coloring book, but one rich in detailed historical facts and drawings about each of the 13 original colonies and the people that helped to create our nation. Thoughtfully researched, it could easily serve as a fun and creative resource for teachers. There is an extensive glossary of terms and a genealogical research guide that can help you find out if YOU have an ancestor who served during the American Revolution!