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Praise for More Than Peanuts

About the Book
Edith Powell has excavated an important piece of Southern history. Her timely and important book offers insight into the brilliant mind and character of George Washington Carver of Tuskegee University, but also documents the dynamics of human relations across the color line. Her story about a friendship between two separate and unequal communities is both poignant and perceptive.
More Than Peanuts is a fascinating read about a surprising friendship between Tom Huston, George Washington Carver, Bob Barry, and Grady Porter that revolutionized the peanut industry in the South through several collaborative efforts in business, research, relationships, and much more. Its that rare book that is informative and engaging, a small package full of charm and insights about a successful venture that made peanuts a Southern snack food of choice.
Two brilliant inventors, Tom Huston and George Washington Carver, along with two other executive managers from the Tom Huston Peanut Company, Bob Barry and Grady Porter, combined their knowledge and talents to revolutionize the peanut industry as we know it today. More Than Peanuts narrates the relationship between these men and how they were able to collaborate through science, business, and hard work to spearhead peanut production efforts in the South. While these men made great strides in Southern agriculture, Edith Powell also showcases something more important: a meaningful interracial friendship in the midst of segregation.