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Praise for It's In the Action

About the Book
C. T. Vivian was a role model for so many of us in the 1960s era of civil rights activism, a legendary champion of nonviolence and a mighty and indispensable long-haul moral warrior for justice. This memoir gives a new generation the chance to learn about his legacy of wisdom and service in his own words.
This first memoir by C. T. Vivian, published posthumously, fairly sparkles with his humanity. It preserves the rich legacy of his life and achievements spanning decades, offering lessons about the value of courage and compassion and coming together. This is a story our next generation of civil rights activists can build on. A beautiful and important work.
C. T. Vivian was a giant of the enduring American struggle for equality and for justice. Illuminating and inspiring, his story is like his life: bold, principled, passionate, and transformative.
A valuable addition to the historical record ... an inspiring story of dedication and leadership.
We as students in the Nashville movement felt more mature when Dr. C. T. Vivian was with us. I know what it is like to have your teacher in a jail cell with you for twenty-four hours. You never miss class.