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Praise for Changing Moods

About the Book
As captured in this magnificent new book, John Dersham's body of black-and-white work spanning sixty years is a masterclass in technique and beauty. He continues to influence and inspire generations of photographers who stand at his heels in awe.
A book of John Dersham's black-and-white photographs is long overdue. Dersham is a master, one of only a handful of American photographers with the artistic talent and technical proficiency to use light and shadow to create enduring images of Americana.
Our world is filled with pretty but disposable images on social media. That's what makes a journey through John Dersham's thoughtful body of work a refreshing reward. Dersham, a true master, sees and captures the art in the everyday world around us in rich, detailed, deeply informed black-and-white photographs that invite longer exploration.
The talent and passion John Dersham has for the art of photography is evident not only in his masterful landscape photographs but in his quiet and reverential portraits of the common man. Rather than use an easy-to-operate digital camera, John is dedicated to a cumbersome large-format film camera, providing viewers of his work with exquisite print detail and revealing his exquisite artistic vision. His new book is a testament to the sixty-year evolution of a true photographic artist.
John Dersham's lifelong commitment to the large-format camera has resulted in a large body of black-and-white images that transcend the ordinary. Never has his talent been more evident than as seen in his new book, Changing Moods.