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Praise for Alabama, from Territory to Statehood

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Visually stunning and written in a lively, engaging style, this book is a grand tour through early Alabama’s tumultuous formative years which casual readers and scholars alike will enjoy. Without doubt, one of the most entertaining contributions to Alabama’s bicentennial celebration.
For decades Alabama Heritage been a leader in providing high-quality information about the history of our state, served up in a visually rich and appealing magazine format. Publication of a book based on its twin issues devoted to Alabama’s territorial history leading up to statehood is great news indeed. Here is the stuff that will make good citizens of our people, citizens better prepared to understand the principles of our constitutional republic and participate in the democratic process. Every Alabama home should have a copy of this beautiful and important new volume.
Our state’s rich history is handsomely reflected in Alabama from TerrItory to Statehood. The brilliant team at Alabama Heritage magazine curated hundreds of engravings, portraits, maps and photographs to bring our history alive as never before. This book is a must for the Southern history shelf in every home library in the state.
Alabama from Territory to Statehood presents a wealth of information about a pivotal but perhaps too little known period in our history. The essays, contributed by our best scholars, offer insight into the times, the people, and the places that have so much to do with what Alabama is today. The book is a treasure for generations to come. Thank you to Alabama Heritage and to NewSouth Books for bringing our history to life and helping us better understand and appreciate our origins as a state.
Alabama From Territory to Statehood constitutes a concise but comprehensive primer in state history. Early settlements, land surveys, and border disputes characterized the early stages. Writing a constitution, building a capital, and petitioning for statehood defined the transition from territory to state. Archeological finds, traditional foods, and architectural gems highlight the foundations of Alabama culture. As this bicentennial volume commemorates both the good and the bad of past events, it also generates excitement and inspiration for a promising future.
Since its inception, Alabama Heritage magazine has brilliantly fused layout, color, design, photography, thorough research, and solid writing to provide a great banquet for the mind and spirit of anyone who cares about this wonderful state. Now, Alabama's bicentennial gives the magazine’s editors the opportunity for a concentrated case study, the first in the magazine's history, devoting two issues to articles dealing in one way or another with the origin of our place, past, and people. In book form for the first time, a magnificent feast has been set before us.