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The Meanest and “Damnest” Job book brings to life Edmund Winchester Rucker's participation in the Civil War and his involvement in post-war Alabama railroad construction and Birmingham industry, where he played a significant role in transforming the Sloss Furnace Company into the newly formed chartered Sloss Iron and Steel Company. The book is a lively account, painstakingly researched, that recovers for a new generation of readers the fascinating story of Rucker's life. It serves as an interesting character study, but also usefully fills in the blanks of our understanding about an important but lesser-known Civil War leader.
The Civil War community has long needed a book on Edmund Winchester Rucker, and at last it has one. Aside from some very brief biographies, little has been written about this outstanding Confederate officer, excepting his dashing charges at Brice's Crossroads. The Meanest and "Damnest" Job covers the man's life extensively, and in a most readable style, while discussing the events that influenced Edmund Rucker's calls to duty.Any Civil War enthusiast will enjoy this work. Any Civil War library will be improved by its addition.
This book accurately and dramatically covers the amazing and varied exploits of Confederate Colonel Edmund Winchester Rucker during the Civil War and his post-war industrial accomplishments in Birmingham. At a fast-moving pace, it tells the military and business accomplishments of an outstanding leader who left his mark on both the Civil War and Southern industry of the time.
An extraordinary and detailed seminal biography that is an unreservedly recommended addition to the growing library of Civil War histories and biographies.