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Praise for Crusader Without Violence

About the Book
With the release of Crusader without Violence back in 1959, Lawrence D. Reddick actually initiated the biography genre in King studies. Reddick introduced readers to the complex and dynamic world of young Martin Luther King, Jr.s personal, intellectual, social, and political life. The republication of this book, with a new introduction by Dr. Derryn Moten, places in bold relief the possibility that it will remain the seminal work on the most celebrated religious and civil rights figure in twentieth century America
Sixty years after its publication, Crusader Without Violence remains a uniquely revealing account of the development of King's visionary ideals and of his rapid rise to international prominence.
An invaluable contemporary resource now wonderfully available again for a new generation of students of Dr. King's life.
NewSouth Books renders a great service in bringing this lost gem of scholarship back into circulation. Only one who was present at the creation, as Dr. Reddick was, could provide such a compelling contemporary account of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the early life of its leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This book is an indispensable complement to Dr. King's own memoir, Stride Toward Freedom, which was published at the same time. Together, the two books had to be the starting point for all future scholarship