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Praise for Itís Good Weather for Fudge

About the Book
Itís Good Weather for Fudge is a brilliantly executed apostrophe in which Sue Walker addresses Carson McCullers as one Southern woman to another, but always in a poetic fashion that delights. I love the way Walker mingles their experiences as Southern women, even the way she objects to McCullers being buried in the North, when everyone should know that her body and soul belong to the South.
The life and work of Carson McCullers -- her painful longing, her struggle with her damaged body -- echoes in Sue Walkerís imaginative long-form poem, Itís Good Weather for Fudge. Walkerís writing is lyrical, narrative, scholarly and wise. She identifies with McCullers -- both growing up in the South, both studying music, both poets and writers -- and then moves beyond her, making a call for fortitude while accepting the impossibility of love, willing the lost hunterís bones home to the South. A remarkable poem.