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Praise for Ten Stars

About the Book
If I had to point to one guy that helped me integrate blacks into Notre Dame, I’d have to say Gary Cooper.
With a few more like General Cooper, this country would be able to reach one of its highest ideals -- social equality and justice for all.
Secretary Cooper brought the Tuskegee Airmen into the mainstream of Air Force and Department of Defense thought, by recognizing that the Tuskegee Airmen is not a `black’ thing. It’s an `Air Force’ thing!
A remarkable journey by a remarkable man. Kendal Weaver's talented writing weaves the story of Gary Cooper and his family -- from the horrors of Jim Crow to his racial milestone in Vietnam and heights few men reach. Cooper's multifaceted and extraordinary life, skillfully described in this first biography, mark a series of historical achievements.
Ten Stars, a comprehensive biography of General Gary Cooper, is a fresh portrayal of race in America.
A well written, accurate, and inspiring presentation of General J. Gary Cooper’s life and that of his family. Weaver tells this remarkable story so very well that it deserves to be widely read and appreciated -- nowhere more so than in Cooper’s hometown of Mobile, Alabama.