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From his youth in a rough corner of Texas to his service in the Marines in World War II and on to Congress to help build Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, Jack Brooks’s story is full of lessons for lawmakers, for voters, for Americans searching for meaning in confusing times. The McNultys have created a highly readable account of a fascinating, important man’s life and times.
Brendan and Timothy McNulty have written an eminently readable political biography of one of our nation's longest-serving Congressmen that also chronicles the era when the words 'bipartisan' and 'compromise' weren't anathema. This remarkable achievement provides an illuminating reminder of how well government can work when patriotism supersedes partisanship, and how a politician's relatives can use their status for the greater good, as opposed to personal enrichment.
From the Great Society to Watergate to the Iran-Contra scandal to the Clinton crime bill, Congressman Jack Brooks was a larger-than-life figure in our nation’s political history. His dedication to vigorous Congressional oversight of the Executive Branch should stand as a role model for today’s legislators. The Meanest Man in Congress tells his remarkable story.
His story is one to remember. Read this and enjoy. The next time somebody ties to tell you a decent, honorable, hard-working guy can’t get anywhere in American politics, or in the U.S. Congress, remember Jack Brooks, and rejoice.
This is a book of nostalgia for the days of good governance represented by a crafty, persistent, and honorable congressman who put country above party to pass monumental legislation. Reading this comprehensive Jack Brooks biography — a Herculean task of research I much admired — can make you weep over the passing of those times, when skillful legislators could navigate through partisan politics to higher ground.
Rescuing from an undeserved obscurity a man whose congressional political acumen was second only to Lyndon B. Johnson's, The Meanest Man in Congress: Jack Brooks and the Making of an American Century is an extraordinary political biography and one that is unreservedly recommended for both community and academic library 20th Century American Biography collections and 20th Century American Political Science supplemental studies lists.
Over the course of five-hundred-plus engrossing pages, Timothy and Brendan McNulty make a compelling case for [Texas Congressman] Jack Brooks’s importance. Given the McNultys’ exhaustive and thoroughgoing treatment of their subject, it is difficult to imagine another biographer soon tackling Jack Brooks.