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World-renowned author Clifton Taulbert embodies the story of the South in our time. In The Invitation, Taulbert has written the most honest, and perhaps the greatest, book of his storied career.
Continuing the conversation inspired by The Help, The Invitation stuns with its eloquence. Taulbert's examples of hope, faith,and humanity invite us to join him in the work at hand--repair of the American soul.
Startling, painful, sometimes funny, and always insightful.
Taulbert has an open, confiding prose style and those coming to this book without having read any earlier works will have few complaints.
What with the damning convolutions of ignorance, disingenuousness, and angst that shadow so much of the discussion of race in the United States, it is heartening when hope glimmers, as it does when Clifton Taulbert in The Invitation unpacks his defensive prejudicial baggage acquired as an African American child growing up in the 40s and 50s in a segregated Mississippi Delta.