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Praise for Chili Dawgs Always Bark at Night

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He is to Dixie what Royko is to Chicago, Breslin to New York, Buchwald to Washington. He's among the hottest things down South since corn bread.
He has an enviable grasp on the pith and marrow of life. He writes about the things people talk about.
It's worth having a collection of Grizzard's books on the shelf for their titles alone. They're better, though, off the shelf, because the inside are funnier than the covers.
Lewis Grizzard thinks funny. And he writes funny in a very Southern way that appeals greatly to his fellow Southerners and to all of us Yankees with a born-again soft spot in our hearts for the land of grits and honey and Scarlett and Rhett.
Grizzard is a natural-born storyteller with a deft hand for reducing everyday occurrences into uproarious nuggets of praise.