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At a time of tightened press budgets, the traditional festschrift to honor retiring scholars has become increasingly rare, but these nineteen essays written by Sheldon Hackney's students, colleagues, and friends should remind us that such volumes can still offer a valuable contribution to historical studies.
The Dixie Redux essays carry on a scholarly tradition sympathetic to reform, oriented to a larger audience, and crafted from distinctly southern materials. The authors constitute a veritable 'dream team' of distinguished scholars of the (Old and New) South, the Civil War, and race. To editors and the publisher, kudos.
In Dixie Redux historians Raymond Arsenault and Orville Vernon Burton honor historian Sheldon Hackney, gathering eclectic essays that ask what Charles W. Joyner terms "large questions in small places." The essays in Dixie Redux underscore how paradoxes remain central to the history of the South.