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Praise for Salvation of Miss Lucretia

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Ted Dunagan's The Salvation of Miss Lucretia celebrates the magic of boyhood by taking Ted and Poudlum's adventures into the woods where they struggle with rattlers of one kind and another, discover treasure both buried and otherwise, and extend their circle of friendship to include one unforgettable voodoo queen.
Once again, Ted Dunagan creates every kid's dream adventure: exploring the woods, finding hidden treasure, confronting a bad guy -- and winning. Sounds like a dream adventure for adults too!
Perfect for children (and adults as well) desiring adventure in their summer reading, The Salvation of Miss Lucretia will not disappoint. Devoted fans and new ones will enjoy keeping up with Ted and Poudlum once again as they continue to get themselves in and out of trouble in Dunagan’s delightful series.
Dunagan captures the spirit of youth in all of us with his vibrant characters. You’ll love these guys, Ted and Poudlum, as much as you did Tom and Huck.The Salvation of Miss Lucretia is just plain fun to read.
The Salvation of Miss Lucretia is a rollicking tale, nicely done, and one that keeps you reading.