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Halley is tough, gritty and real, and so is her story. It is filled with characters I loved, and characters I loved to hate. I couldn't put it down -- a real treasure of a book.
In her character Halley, Faye Gibbons shines a light on the harsh reality of life in mountain Georgia during the Great Depression and the limited choices afforded to a young woman. What Dorothea Lange did with her camera, Faye Gibbons has done with the page -- illuminated a moment in time -- and the process, reminds us of the indomitable value of the human heart. I loved this book.
A Depression-era novel defined by the hard-edged beauty of its rural Southern setting. That Gibbons knows this hardscrabble world to the bone shows in every precise detail of chamber pot, buttermilk and cow-safe fencing. A richly rewarding look at an era.
The actions and confrontations that unfold in this new book are gritty, intense and sometimes dark. Yet the combined powers of hope, love, honesty and stubborn effort finally shine through and light the way to brighter possibilities for Halley and those around her. Faye Gibbons is a superb storyteller and writer, with a fine-tuned ear for regional speech, a sharp eye for detail, and an unhidden love for her characters–even the ones who make us shudder, cringe and tighten our fists in frustration at their repeated refusals to listen, think, and change.
Faye Gibbons creates a memorable portrait of adolescence in the Georgia hill country during the Great Depression with Halley, a handmade quilt of a novel. Halley is told with such strength and deceptive simplicity, it has a power all its own. This story has the ring of truth.
Though this isn't the mellowed, warm and whimsical South of a Flannery O'Connor or Harper Lee novel, fans of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Ingrid Law's Savvy will feel on familiar ground. They will find the hard lives and determination of the women in Halley realistic and detailed.
A descriptive story of hardship and resilience that readers will be reluctant to put down.
A realistic portrayal of country life during the Great Depression. This emotionally involved novel will appeal to readers' empathy and sense of fairness.
Gibbons paints a convincing picture of Appalachian life during the Great Depression.
Author Faye Gibbons is a master storyteller. It will be a long time before you forget Halley.
The plot [of Halley] is compelling as the author adeptly covers loss, coming of age, and small-town attitudes and values without sugarcoating. Gibbons expertly depicts the complexity in “simple” Georgia mountain life. Just as Janet Taylor Lisle’s Black Duck showed an unusual side of Prohibition, this work gives a peek at an unusual side of the Great Depression. With shades of Richard Peck in this novel’s DNA, Gibbons’s tale features a strong and unique voice.
I was touched deeply by a book intended for juvenile readers, Faye Gibbons' Halley, a Depression-era story set in the poverty and gloom of the North Georgia mountains. I think it's a book for readers of any age -- and of the ages. Quietly wonderful.