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Praise for An Accidental Memoir

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By any measure, Wendy Reed has a compelling story to share. On May 28, 1996, her Mitsubishi Montero hydroplaned off I-65 at mile marker 251.7, striking an oncoming 1988 Camry. The author and her youngest child were uninjured, but the accident claimed the life of the other driver. If this book’s power rested simply in the pathos of the situation, however, it wouldn’t leave the deep impression it does. The real beauty is in the writing. There’s nothing accidental about An Accidental Memoir -- it’s a fantastic, moving expression of craft and insight.
There are not many people who would have the courage to tell this story -- and even fewer writers with the talent and integrity to pull it off. I am in awe of Wendy Reed.
Memoirs address all kinds of scars, but few so real as this. Wendy Reed writes chillingly about how fast life can change, and end, on a piece of asphalt.