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Praise for My Daddy Was a Pistol and Iím a Son of a Gun

About the Book
Lewis Grizzard has a way with words, but it is more than that. He sees and says things that most of us only dimly perceive and then donít even mention.
A heartfelt look at unconditional love.
Funny and sometimes gut-wrenching . . . you donít even have to like Grizzard or his opinions to appreciate My Daddy Was a Pistol. You just need a father you love.
Warmth and surprising depth . . . his daddy would be deeply pleased and proud of his son.
Offers a stronger, sadder theme to the usual mix of good-olí-boy joke telling . . . By the end of the book it is hard to remember when it stopped trying to be funny and hard to forget that powerful image of a good man gone astray.
A bittersweet account of a son coming to grips with a broken home . . . The younger Grizzardís brand of humor is good-olí-boy, deeply drawliní, and occasionally red-necked. He takes no prisoners.
A sad book, a funny book, a very human book -- and one that Lewis Grizzard had to write.
His most serious book -- both sad and moving.
Lewis Grizzard can make you laugh from the belly and a moment later you will suddenly get misty and you are certain that something has got in your eye.
Lewis Grizzard is funny. Almost always. But he also has the ability to start you laughing and, while you are in the middle of a good belly laugh, change directions on you . . . He can leave you openmouthed and with a tear in you heart.
Deeply felt . . . entertaining and eloquent.
Tender, spooky territory: that country of the heart inhabited by fathers and sons.
It will tear your heart, will make you laugh, but most of all, will reintroduce the art of remembering.
It will affect and delight you and then long afterward, persist in your memory.
Vintage Grizzard. You will not want to miss it!