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Praise for Tasia’s Table

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Anyone who likes cooking and good food will love Tasia’s creative new twists on Southern and European classics. One taste of her Belle Chevre Lasagne, Spicy Shrimp Cakes, or any other recipe in this book and you’ll know: the fresh face behind one of the hottest names in cheese is a rising culinary star.
‘Beautiful’ and ‘hungry’ are the words that come to mind when reading Tasia's Table. The words, the recipes, the ideas, and the images are all beautiful and make me supremely hungry to taste every delicious morsel this book offers.
The newly minted big cheese!
As Tasia continues to follow her passion, our palates continue to appreciate her worth.
The charming queen of goat cheese mixes recipes with anecdotes of life in the fromagerie for a read that’s as sweet and inviting as her ubiquitous cheeses.
Just flipping through the pages of this gorgeous book is satisfying enough, but once you’re in the kitchen with Tasia and actually cooking, your satisfaction will be complete.