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In No Remorse, Dot Moore has put flesh on the bones of John Wallace. Her research has revealed fascinating aspects of Wallace's life -- his idyllic-turned-pitiful childhood, the odd pairing of generosity and cruelty in his personality and his ability to secure and hold friendships. No Remorse will enlighten readers familiar with Wallace and entertain readers old and new.
The late Margaret Anne Barnes's well-wrought tale, Murder in Coweta County, first awakened my fascination with the Turner/Wallace tragedy the year I was fourteen. Thirty-five years later, Dot Moore has fully satisfied it with her gripping, behind-the-scenes sleuth-work that answers a thousand questions I always wondered about the case but feared I'd never know. No Remorse is a must-read for the legions who have longed for the rest of the Turner/Wallace story; Dot Moore deserves a medal for giving it to us.
Author Dot Moore has written a new book, No Remorse; The Rise And Fall of John Wallace, that seeks to unravel the mystery behind a man now remembered only as a cold-blooded killer. In the process, Moore finds a human being of contradictions, and whose reputation has been muddled by a succession of writers who got a lot of their facts wrong.
There is a sense of verve and fresh insight in this riveting narrative that psychoanalyzes the complex main character and vividly recreates the era and the rural/small town locale. The impressive production (which enhances Moore’s conversational, rope-in-the-reader style) includes sepia-toned camera art on the cover and black and white photographs.