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Put a science book and a mystery story together without sacrificing either one and you have Time. The ingredient that not everyone can provide, but that Reid can really dish out, is style. So, if you know anyone between the ages of eight and 15 who likes to read, your course is clear. And if you buy Time even though you don't have a young reader to give it to? I won't tell anyone.
I loved this story of young romance, mystery, and fossil-hunting! Mr. Reid has written a highly entertaining book that also teaches us some very interesting lessons on paleontology and love which turns out to be a delightful combination. Highly recommended!
I loved Roger Reidís Time. Itís another thrilling adventure starring intrepid explorers and best friends Jason and Leah, chockfull with astronomical wonders, fascinating paleontology, and a hair-raising manhunt in the Alabama wilderness. Wonderful characters, danger, and lots of humor too!