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Fawal's novel is a welcome contribution that connects readers to the human dimension of the largest ethnic cleansing post-WWII. It is a story of love and tragedy that will touch many hearts and minds.
Those readers who are already acquainted with Ibrahim Fawal's novel, On the Hills of God, will need no persuasion to re-enter his fictional world, one in which the plight of the Palestinian people is explored in disarming detail. Fawal's narrative places the reader directly into the Palestinian experience; in this volume that implies exile, bitterness, oppression, and a continuing quest for survival and a modicum of dignity.
No matter the side you find yourself on the great Middle East divide, read Abrahim Fawal’s novel: The Disinherited. You will leave politics in the dust of time. You will take up the lives of Yousif Safi and his beloved Salwa in the aftermath of a lost war, a lost generation. But not a lost belief in their destiny. Fawal’s scenes of Jordan, Cairo, Egypt escape the printed page into the living breaths of his people. It’s not a read. It is a happening.
No matter which side of the Middle East divide you are on, this book is a beautiful and compelling read.