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Praise for The Fairytale Trilogy

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Fast paced, imaginative and delightful with wonderful characters! Fantasy readers will love The Fairytale Trilogy.
Every once in a while you read a book – or books – that remind you all over again why reading and writing are important.Valerie Gribben’s imaginative and magical trilogy is that kind of literature.The world she creates is special and charming, full of talking creatures whose perspective on the world is fun, and funny and unique.But it was the heroine, the sweet/tart Marianne who really got to me.I loved her feistiness, I loved her insecurities and her strengths and I loved watching her grow. [A] feminist coming of age story. [A] lot to be learned here as well as enjoyed.
Although Valerie Gribben retains enough longstanding fairytale elements to give the stories a warm, familiar feel, she weaves in creative twists, intriguing new interpretations, and flashes of humor that keep the plotlines from becoming too predictable. Marianne herself is a strong heroine, opinionated and resilient. My favorite element of the trilogy is the colorful cast of characters, impressive in the intricacies of detail. It is fun to be surprised when people take different paths than one might have expected. The intensity of joy or of disappointment that such surprises inspire is a testimony to just how involving these characters are.
Gribben has penned a fast-paced, intriguing fantasy series. The books are full of mystery and laced with sly wit. Gribben writes with a maturity and sense of humor. I passed the book among my thirteen-year-old daughter and her friends, and it received rave reviews from all. Words like ‘awesome,’ ‘thrilling,’ and ‘wickedly cool’ were the most common responses. The only problem for Gribben is that they all want more—and soon. If the author can find the time to pen some more literary magic, she will make many young readers happy. And probably a few moms, too.
The Fairytale Trilogy was an amazing set of stories. These stories had many wonderful and intriguing qualities, and I would recommend them to anyone who loves fairytales and wants something a little different.
With magical settings and adventures, and told in contemporary language, Gribben presents three fairy tales, all containing [Marianne and her older brother Robin] as they piece together their lives. Each tale is complete in itself but part of one main interlocking plot that tells of Marianne and Robin's search for answers to the mysteries in their lives.
The stories were really enchanting. [I]t kept me hooked. There was always something going on. It was really fun and entertaining. This would be great for a younger crowd of girls who are interested in fairy tales.
I love this book. It combines so many childhood fairytales and puts them in these enticing, humorous, and riveting tales. Gribben does a fantastic job of taking you through the adventures of Marianne and Robin as they rescue a princess in distress, save a fairy kingdom. They make friends that help them through their trials and heartaches and eventually grow up into the type of people anyone can look up to. Fairytales are meant to last a whole life, and this combines many of them to make the story one that anyone would love to read.
The main character is a plucky young woman who is about to be married off against her will. She discovers rather quickly that she is not actually the biological child of the people who raised her, that she does have a biological brother, and that her parents left her a small crystal ball that turns into a dragon when she needs a ride and/or protection. ... The characters and story are interesting enough to make me want to know what is going to happen next.
The Fairytale Trilogy by Valerie Gribbon is a snappy, sword-wielding epic chronicling the escapades of Marianne and her dutiful brother Robin . . . Utter hilarity ensues. The most infamous -- though maybe not truest -- hallmark of great literature is the ease with which it displaces biology textbooks and math worksheets as the overachieving highschooler’s pocketed tome of choice. The Fairytale Trilogy is one such novel indeed, presently nestled in my bed, comforter billowing. The Trilogy’s crowning glory is well-worth the wait, and ties everything together more aptly than an episode of Seinfeld. Overall, a great and heartily recommended read.