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Praise for Life and Death Matters

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This book is the culmination of Baldwin's personal odyssey into a rigorous, faith-based public policy analysis of capital punishment. He not only provides the reader with a fact-based, faith guided critique of capital punishment but does so in a personal and engaging manner which enhances the strength of the policy position which he passionately advocates. Every reader, regardless of faith perspective or present policy position, will gain from reading this important contribution to our national debate.
Here is a story of one manís journey that is sure to strike a chord in many of our hearts and minds. Robbie Baldwin, in telling the story of his journey related to capital punishment, gives us a modern day Pilgrimís Progress. In Robbieís story, I see the hand of a gracious God who leads a person into a new, gracious reality. Iíve read lots of books on the subject of the death penalty, but I canít think of any that are written with such passion, intelligence and grace-filled commitment. This is a quite wonderful testimony of one manís walk with God toward more abundant life.
Baldwinís book is a timely and valuable examination of the death penalty and the issues it generates. At a moment when there is a tremendous need for reform of sentencing and capital punishment, this book has much to offer.