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Praise for Ali Dubyiah and the Forty Thieves

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This careful historian has produced a futuristic satirical fantasy aimed squarely at the present state of American politics ... For all the dark imagination at work in Ali Dubyiah, the book is really a testament to John Egerton's faith. He can't be cynical. In spite of all the bad news and bad behavior, in spite of the horrors in Iraq and the greedy, narrow-minded arrogance at home, he thinks showing people the truth, even if it's masked in make-believe, might help turn things around. ‘If nothing else happens, I hope that some of the people in the middle, who aren't on either side, and who aren't paying attention, will be seduced into paying a little bit of attention and listening to a little bit of logic.’
Ali Dubyiah and the 40 Thieves is a masterpiece of political satire and much more. Great format. I am proud of my publishers for producing it.