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Praise for Jeffrey’s Favorite 13 Ghost Stories

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Kathryn Windham is a perfectly working ‘Time Machine.’ All you have to do is get inside one of her magical stories and you can ride back through lost decades of memory to those things so wonderfully ordinary that they define us all ... Whether it be a visit with a member of her own family or a ‘ghost story’ of the strange and inexplicable, we are caught in the clear reality of her memory and land in past times and places where we still meet ourselves today ... A genius of quiet reflection.
Jeffrey's Favorite 13 Ghost Stories from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi' is a collection of Windham's (and famed ghost Jeffrey's) favorite stories... The author was also careful to avoid tales of gore and fright. As a result, her ghost stories have been the most popular with school children and get told time and again as the leaves on the trees fall, days get shorter and Halloween approaches.