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Where there is no vision, the people perish. ... We are perishing, and voices are rising across the land. These are among them. We would do well to listen and consider.
Here is a fresh and strong appeal from the South, to redeem the best of Southern—and American—values in our government. An amazing collection of authors takes an expert look at what one essay calls ‘the Southernization of American Politics’—and stands fearlessly against the South of George W. Bush and its Yankee allies and apologists.  Witty, reasoned, uncompromising, and deeply informed, Where We Stand comes none too soon.
The south nourishes a special kind of liberalism—more patient and courteous than that of the north, but also tempered by struggle to a steelyresilience. You'll find it beautifully voiced in ‘Where We Stand,’ a book that has taught me, for the first time, to take pride in the region I now call home.
It may seem that a Magnolia Curtain has descended across the South, from Richmond to Tampa, from Atlanta to Houston. As in old times there, it is claimed that only one opinion and one party have any credence and right. But the writers in Where We Stand are shafts of light breaking through that monopoly. The dissenting voices of today, like those of progressive Southerners before them, are in fact the prevailing voices of the future.
Each of the 12 intriguing essays in this exciting volume contain candid reflections of proud southerners. The authors want to extol or lament a practice or an attitude in the eleven southern states.Pride and shame mingle together the essays in this compelling volume. It deserves the close attention of every reader anxious to explore the majesty and the tragedies of an area still haunted by some 200 years of slavery.
There is a long tradition of courageous Southerners who have stood up against the dominant values of the nation and the South and spoken out against war and racism. Here is an extraordinary group of writers from every part of the South who embody that tradition and give us, at a time when we need it most, voices that ring out eloquently for peace and justice.
At this time, when we all need to speak up and speak out, these eloquent voices lead the way.
The authors of Where We Stand are an all-star cast of independent thinkers. They and their elders once instructed us about the urgent problems of inequality that afflicted the South. Now they working on a broader canvas dealing with the growing gap between the haves and the have nots, the challenge to our values of fairness and equality, and the struggle for the soul of the nation. The authors may be dissenters as they claim but they are writing in a great American tradition.