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In Row Away From the Rocks, Lisbeth Thom exhibits a rare sensitivity to her characters, and to the human condition in all its variations. In addition, her highly readable style, her everyday subject matter, makes her a likely candidate to become our next Elizabeth Berg, or even Carol Shields. I predict many readers for this book, and her books to come, especially among women.
A timely and clear examination of Carrieís tormented journey through the maze of assuming total responsibility for the care of a dying relative, Row Away From the Rocks breathes life into a subject that affects a huge segment of the population but is virtually ignored in current literature and by the news media. Carrie Barnes, who is like the many women who quietly and invisibly take on this role, lets us have a birdís eye view of what the world of a caretaker is really like. This novelís surprise turns sheds light on the devastating effects of family secrets, yet also illustrates the resilience of the human spirit.
Readers will relate to the memorable stick-in-the-heart writing in Row Away From the Rocks.
Ms. Thomís characters are beautifully developed. You feel as though you know all of them in your own circle of friends -- particularly the grandmother. I have been through the loss of my mother, and the eccentricities of an aging parent are a challenge for anyone. Ms. Thomís thought processes and actions are a help to anyone who is trying to cope with these problems. We are not always sure of our decisions or our actions -- itís a daily juggle, but life goes on, as in daily meals and errands. Our friends and relatives can never truly see our path as we do, and yet, if we re lucky as Carrie is-- our friends and relatives are our mainstay and support. It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to help one let go of an elderly parent or grandparent.
A novel with heart and a quiet surprise, Lisbeth tells an honest story that illuminates what it means to take care of another person, both the challenges and the beauty.
For caregivers and all those with terminally ill loved ones, this book is a must read. It provides a look at the day-to-day stress and difficulties of providing care, frustration with the medical world, and the far-reaching impact on other relationships. The author writes from the heart.
I believe certain books come into your life at a time when you need them, and your book was one of them for me. I began reading your book when I was totally involved in caring for my mother. When she entered the hospital preparing to die, your book became too painful to read, so I put it down. That was probably when I needed it the most. Since my Motherís passing, I picked it up again and have just finished it. Now, I begin my journey to take those things I learned from my mother and move toward independence. Itís a struggle, but, I know I will begin down the path soon. I thank you for your book and all the years it took for you to write it.