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Praise for Little Brother Real Snake

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Little Brother Real Snake is a rugged, engrossing adventure of courage, duty, and honor. Billy Moore’s story telling ability is first rate, and readers are sure to enjoy this native American tale. I heartily recommend this book.
Author Billy Moore has taken me out on the plains and back in time following the incredible adventures of his young Indian boy,Little Brother Real Snake. A story rich in action and detail.
In Little Brother Real Snake, Moore expertly depicts life among the plains Indians before the coming of the ‘white eyes’. Readers quickly come to care about the main character because, although part of a very different culture, Red Squirrel’s fears and hopes are very like young people’s in any age.
For any young reader who suffers from occasional self-doubt—and who doesn't?—Little Brother Real Snake should provide hope and comfort as a young Indian boy considered too small proves he can stand his own as a warrior.