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Praise for Fairytale

About the Book
A fresh take on a long-established genre, [Fairytale includes] a wonderful array of magical creatures, surreal plot twists, and enchanting humor. While readers may initially be motivated to pick up Fairytale because of the youthful age of its author, it is Gribben’s innovative talents that will keep readers engrossed. ... Marianne is a character whose creation has been long overdue. She is certain to be welcomed to the world of fantastic literature by educators, parents, and youngsters alike. Gribben’s book is a wonderful accomplishment, and her readers are sure to find themselves eagerly anticipating what her imagination comes up with next.
With a skill that belies her youth, the author maintains mythology while bestowing a modern twist. … We foresee more literary magic rising from this precocious writer.
[Fairytale is] a delicious cross between the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale and ‘The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde,’ and frequently references other great works of fantasy and folklore with a wry deftness. It is clear that Gribben is as well read as her heroine (who possesses a penchant for volumes with titles such as Jasmine’s Journal of Jewelry Jinxes, Famous Fairy Flummoxes, and Ethereal Enchanters), and quite talented at putting her knowledge to good use. … The overall effect is delightful.
Recently, there has been an increase in published fantasy books by teen authors such as this one and Christopher Paolini's Eragon. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' books also come to mind. While this book has not received the same amount of press as the other authors, hopefully more readers will also find this gem. ... [Gribben] writes a story that entertains and uses many of the popular fairy tale themes fantasy lovers adore, from enchanted frogs and scary dragons to the fight between good and evil. This book makes fine reading for a lazy afternoon for your child or even yourself!
I predict Fairytale will delight young readers. Valerie Gibbon is a bright and shining new talent!
Valerie Gribben has written a story destined to be a classic. It drips with the “sweet nectar” of a timeless adventure ... In just a few pages I found myself completely transfixed by the magical world of Valerie Gribben’s wondrous imagination.