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Praise for The World According to Whiskey

About the Book
David Olney, Iris DeMent, Paul Kopasz, Steve Earle, and Tom House are amerika's best new Outsider songwriters. Songwriter poet prophet of the apocalypse Tom House is the exception to every rule. His ancient bard voice rises up groaning wailing moaning from the deep bruised purpled heart of the human race. His fearlessly honest poems, his haunting songs, at 3am come keening through the holes in attic walls. Sit up. Listen. See his spirit, a warning, passing through ... Tom House is a poet shaman. Listen. Hear his words. Hear music crying from the roots of the world. Tom House cracks consciousness. His words his songs, enchanted rhythms, crack the world. We dwell in nightmared darkness. We have killed over 100 million in one war after the other in the past 100 years. Tom House is a guide through darkness. Read The World According to Whiskey. Listen. Only by going all the way through the pain and suffering of darkness can salvation possibly occur. Step into the darkness. Face your fears. Let Tom House be your guide.
Tom House's poems carry the tradition of the Troubadour into bars, motels, fundamentalist pulpits, and back yards of the New South. No image of his generation fails to be illuminated by the summer lightning of his intelligence; not even the cicadas' song can escape the reshaping of his authentic voice. His work shows how it is possible to heal the divorce that sundered poetry and music at the dawn of modernity.
Tom House is a drinking man’s poet who happens also to be a fine songwriter, and knows the difference. This means neither that he is a drunk, nor a fifth-generation caricature of Bukowski; he works far too hard to be either of those. It does mean that he speaks with rough eloquence and sureknowledge of lives lived outside the pampered middle class.
The World According to Whiskey is a scary work of genius. These rough, beautiful, and totally original poems bear witness to the underbelly of a culture with no room for the disenfranchised—the poor, the weird, the broke. Tom House has captured the dark side of the Sun Belt in unforgettable language that will keep coming back to haunt you. Here is a fiercely original, uncompromising voice from way down under, demanding and deserving to be heard.
House slices and dices high-handed authority, governmental or religious. His murky vignettes effectively underscore the shrewish spirit and tunnel-constricted vision of the look-down-your-nose middle class and mock its concerns and conceits ... House has a keen nose for the condiments that spice our motivations and eccentricities. He also knows intimately the Nashville the Grand Ole Opry never recognizes ... House peels whitewash from the Music City veneer when a dealer tells us through the clarity of the injected poppy juice ... House's non-judgmental humanity is as encompassing as his under-world understanding ... House x-rays the psyche of the night people and the night places, the corporate fat cats and self-righteous public figures with all the acumen and resignation of a surgeon who identifies a massive tumor but knows the removal only prolongs the inevitable, that there is no cure.