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Praise for In the Name of the Law

About the Book
When I read parts of Mack Lofton’s book on law enforcement, I feel like I’m there. There with the stale coffee on the stakeout, waiting for the bad guy to show up; there when you tell the bad guy to freeze and he has to decide whether to shot; there when you have to decide whether to pull the trigger. Lofton’s interviews put me in the line of fire, they give me the feeling of what it’s like in the gritty, sometimes bloody, always exciting world of cops and robbers.
Over the years, law enforcement officers have many, many untold stories of both tragedy and happiness in the human experience. On both occasions, they have not had the opportunity to express their stories. Since the events of 9/ll, more and more officers of all agencies are now given the chance to be hears and understood. Mr. Lofton has given these opportunities in this book.
I was happy to recount a few of my experiences in my 24 years with The Secret Service for this book. Mack Lofton spent over six months traveling the state of Alabama talking to Federal, State, and local law enforcement officers to present a broad view of their personal experiences. This book gives the reader a look at law enforcement from the inside out, and paints a picture of the achievements, the vivid action, and sometimes, the frustration an officer faces. It's a good read.
Thank you, Mack, for your book, ‘In The Name of The Law.’ Law enforcement officers do their profession just like a doctor in OR. Your painting of them is greatly appreciated.