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Cleverly woven throughout this appealing story are some important economic lessons, including the workings of the market for livestock as well as the challenges of managing a farm when drought threatens both the crops and the animals. Cracker's Mule gets high marks all around for its substantive content, lively characters, interesting plot, and good old-fashioned fun.
Cracker’s Mule is a warm-hearted, richly textured story of a young boy, Cracker, and his love for a blind mule, a faithful dog, and his devoted, hard-working grandparents. Reminiscent of books like Cold Sassy Tree, the novel vividly recreates a time, a place, and a way of life—the rural south of the 1950’s. It is Cracker’s voice that captivates the reader as he describes his own yearnings to move past childhood to adulthood and observes the grown-ups around him with honesty, tenderness, and humor.
Cracker’s Mule is not to be hurried through. It is a book for savoring the rich experiences of an eleven-year old boy’s country summer in 1950s Alabama. Cracker’s love for a spunky little red mule that happens to be blind; his loyalty to a rascally bulldog named Ring; his skill at outwitting green trout in the creek and cottonmouth moccasins on the creek bank; and his growing understanding of his place in family and community will appeal to all ages.
Moore has written an appealing tale of countryside youthful activities reflected by the author’s mature memory ... Cracker’s Mule may be enjoyed by good readers of the protagonist’s age. But as Harry Potter has shown, a well-written work can attract an adult audience. Moore’s book ... will appeal to those who appreciate reading about a time rich in Southern tradition.
Cracker's Mule warmed my heart and took me back to a earlier time. Good reading!
A wonderful look back at the rural south of the 1950s. You will love the narrator, Cracker. You'll even get attached to his mule, Mr. Sam. A warmhearted story of an innocent time.
Inspired by his own childhood, Billy Moore spins a folksy down-home yarn about a boy's eleventh summer at his grandparents' farm and the cantankerous and loveable characters who challenge and support his emerging maturity. Following a livestock auction, the boy, Cracker, takes home a stone-blind mule, opening this tale of misadventure which includes a bull-headed dog, a duo of ornery mules plus the sightless, “Mr. Sam.” Told with an ear for old-timey repartee and southern wit, Cracker's Mule is a fun read, filled with boyish good humor and true grit.
[T]he perfect lazy summer book for a lazy summer day.