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Praise for Like Shooting Rapids in the Dark

About the Book
Collaboratively edited by Richard Goode (McMahon Professor of English and Chair of Queens College's English department) and Robert Whalen (Carolyn G. and Sam H. McMahon, Jr., Professor of History and Chair of Queens College's history department), Like Shooting Rapids in the Dark is an informed and informative collection of writings on education by Billy O. Wireman, the recently retired president of the Queens College. Wireman's wisdom on the role of liberal arts education today and in the future, guarding against overspecialization as a form of ‘illiteracy’ with regard to everything except one narrow niche, how people have readied themselves for a productive career throughout history up to the modern day, and more. Like Shooting Rapids in the Dark is highly recommended for its unique insights into the role colleges have to play in shaping a new generation of minds in the years to come.
During his 40-year career as an educator, Wireman, the recently retired president of Queen's College (Charlotte, NC), became known internationally as an educational visionary. This collection of 50 one- to two- page articles on higher education begins with his work as a young physical education instructor in the early 1960s and continues on through his long tenure at Queen's College. Tackling such important topics as the future of American education and the effort to teach students to become good citizens, each article is preceded by an explanation of when, where, and why it was presented and is followed with a citation. While some of Wireman's writings hold nuggets of wisdom, they may be hard for most people to glean, as most of the works were presented as papers in academic settings and focus narrowly on academic concerns. As a result, this book will appeal primarily to those already familiar with Wireman's scholarship. For academic and larger public libraries.