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Praise for They Say the Wind Is Red

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They Say the Wind Is Red represents the successful effort of the MOWA Choctaw to articulate their own history. This development pleases all of us who believe in the place of American Indians in American History.
I found They Say the Wind Is Red moving and convincing.
Very impressive ... [gives] a good understanding of the history of these people.
An invaluable addition to the growing library of Native American Studies, They Say the Wind is Red is a very highly recommended history of pride, love of land, danger, and a people's determination to endure and preserve their way of life in spite of severe and enduring hardships.
Jacqueline Matte makes a compelling case for the historical origin of the MOWA Choctaws in her book, They Say the Wind is Red, although the United States Bureau of Indian Affairs inexplicably still denies them federal recognition as an Indian tribe.