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Praise for Behold, This Dreamer

About the Book
A regional best-seller . . . Behold This Dreamer is an incredible debut novel.
You’ll stay up late turning the pages of this suspenseful and inspiring tale.
First-time novelists just aren’t supposed to be able to do things like this.
Charlotte Miller's Behold, This Dreamer is filled with the lush landscapes of the South rendered often in evocative and vivid language. Not simply a backdrop, this landscape is the very foundation upon which Miller builds the story of a man characterized by his hard work, dignity, pride, and determination. In him we see the struggles of the poor and dispossessed We behold not only the dreamer, but also the triumph of love.
You will fall in love in this sweeping tale of pride and passion and anxiously await the next segment of Charlotte Miller's trilogy, Behold This Dreamer.