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Praise for Through a Glass, Darkly

About the Book
Invokes the deep rural South, and a time, a place, and a people so accurately that one can almost hear the beat of a heart, the touch of a hand on a cheek. As a major chronicler of our near past, with both its darkness and light, Miller has penned a novel in which the lives of the characters soon become almost as real as our own.
Has what most current novels sadly lack: a strong narrative line. The novel should please readers, as well as reliably inform them about the deplorable economic conditions that, during the 1920s and 30s, prevailed in Alabama and other parts of the South.
Miller knows her people, the poor white farmers of hill-country Alabama. James Agee showed us their faces in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. This writer reveals their hearts and their dreams. It is a page turner, an unforgettable read.