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Praise for The Works of Matthew Blue, Montgomery's First Historian

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This compendium is a brilliantly enhanced reproduction of a nineteenth century historian’s chronicles of Montgomery, Alabama, during the city’s formative era. The writings of that journalist, Matthew Powers Blue, have been edited and annotated by Montgomery’s current keeper of the flame, Mary Ann Neeley. With enthusiastic participation and encouragement of publishers Suzanne La Rosa and Randall Williams, Neeley has refreshed and enhanced the source material with lucid analysis and additional information. Anyone who loves to read and has a deep connection with Montgomery, Alabama, should own this book.
This is what happens when two passionate Montgomery historians--though separated by more than a century--join forces.
This volume, edited by a twentieth century Montgomery historian (who is a bit of a legend herself), includes four important works. Each section contains a plethora of information about the city and the denizens thereof.
Fascinating book.
Anyone researching a nineteenth-century Alabama topic that touches Montgomery must consult Matthew Blue. Neeley’s book places this history in easy reach with an index and copious annotations and notes. One strength of the book is the copious illustrations and photographs, which are fully explained in captions. The large number of names and the easy index will be an asset for genealogical and family researchers. Neeley’s edited and annotated volume of Blue’s works should be in major research libraries in the nation and included in most of Alabama’s public and academic collections. Collectors of Alabamiana will welcome this volume.
An excellent presentation of important primary sources for the early history of Alabama's capital city. Neeley has made yet another valuable contribution to Montgomery's history.